Nightcall Search Consultancy Inc.
Nightcall Search Consultancy Inc.
Helping the world's top brands find ad agencies that deserve them.

What Is Nightcall?

We are a search consultancy. Our mission: Help the world’s top brands find ad agencies that deserve them.


Why We Exist?

The thing is, ad agencies are like the Picasso’s of pitching. They are experts at selling themselves as they would like to be, but often perhaps, not as they are. What’s more, agencies tend to pursue brands for the wrong reasons and win those brands for having produced the best pitch theatrics. We dig deeper. Go behind the curtain. Find the truth.


What Makes Us So Damn Special?

Nightcall removes the bullshit from competitive pitching.

Nightcall is your first call in the middle of the night when you know your tier one brand deserves better. Nightcall is there to test an agency’s mettle. To reveal its true character. To show a brand, founder, CMO or marketer precisely what’s out there and who has the greatest potential of helping them realize their ultimate business and brand potential. 

Nightcall injects authenticity into the global search game through respectful, open and transparent processes that do not call on speculative creative, nor allow agencies to use freelance talent. Heavy on up front due diligence and the use of on the ground intel, Nightcall searches are built from the ground up, for each and every client. They’re crafted to reveal the agency’s true strengths and ensure cultural compatibility with the brand whose heart (and account) the agency endeavors to earn. 

Nightcall helped execute a great search for The Keg. This was the first time we went through an agency search in over 20 years and it was important for us to find a partner that not only is a great agency but understands our culture. Nightcall’s involvement truly felt like a partnership - a natural extension of our Keg team,”

- Ryan Bullock, Vice President of Marketing, The Keg & Recipe Unlimited


Whose Bright Idea Was This Anyway?


Anthony CK Thomas is a rogue. He’s a builder, grower and hunter of business, the world over. Playing to passion and strength, Anthony is a voracious proponent of always going all in and never saving anything for the way home. These are the virtues that made him so sought after while he served as a Consigliere of growth to the best agencies and network CEOs in North America. Doing good work, having fun (some might say…a little too much fun) and making money are just a few of his favourite things.

Known as the “the ultimate closer” and “a contagious force of energy”, Anthony leverages his twenty years of experience inside some of the best shops in the world to help brands find the agency that truly deserves them.

Enter, Nightcall.

Anthony is dog with a bone. A man on a mission. A bull in a china shop. A contagious force of energy,”

- Andrew Bruce, CEO, Publicis Communications North America



Here’s the thing, not every brand is right for Nightcall. Maybe you don’t need us. Maybe you see yourself being with your current agency partner for life. They’re there for you through thick and thin. They fight for your best interests and deliver maximum value.

If that’s the type of agency you’ve got at your table, congratulations. You don’t need us. For everyone else… 

Nightcall places a premium on chemistry. Does the client actually like this agency? Do they share a vision? People make relationships - not PDFs. Nightcall gets this, and it’s why they’re running the best pitches in town,”

- Ryan Spelliscy, Co-founder, Juliet


Make the Call



Nightcall is like a personal trainer for business and brand,”

- Trent Fulton, Partner & Chief Strategy Officer, Hive